Frequently Asked Questions

To purchase an online publication such as the Vehicle Inspection Manual , please visit

The BC Codes are available at no charge. The access details are available on BC Publications home page.

This depends on which publication is being accessed. For complete details please refer to the Terms of Use.

Yes, as a purchaser of a publication a person may make a single copy of specific content, in whole or in part, for personal use. This is applicable for all subscription content collections. Personal use refers to private study or private research; it does not include permission to make more than one copy.

For BC Codes and Vancouver Bylaws please refer to the King's Printer Model Codes License.

You will need either a Basic or a Business BCeID. If you are a BC Government Employee, you can log on using your IDIR credentials.

Proceed to setting up a Basic or Business BCeID at

Select the "Login" button located in the top right corner of

Proceed with entering your Basic or Business BCeID, or BC Government IDIR credentials

A BCeID account provides secure access to online government services.

There are no monthly charges, enrollment costs, or setup fees associated with setting up a Basic BCeID.

Further information related to the types of BCeID can be found here.

Go to BCeID at to create either a Basic or Business BCeID

You can use a Basic or a Business BCeID.

For a Basic BCeID, go to BCeID at and select the Login link.

Select the "Forgot your user ID or password?" link and follow the instructions provided.

Further information related to BCeID can be found on their FAQ page.

Yes. It expires two years from the time it was created or last change.

Further information related to BCeID can be found on their FAQ page.

Contact BCeID using their online form for assistance.

Further information related to BCeID can be found on their FAQ page.

If you purchased the publication directly from the Crown Publications, King's Printer shopping cart, you can locate the claim codes in the email communication that was sent to you from the King's Printer.

If you purchased the publication from a bookstore, the claim codes will be located on the back of the Claim card.

Once you have successfully logged onto, the My Publications page will appear with the option to "Enter your claim code"; enter your claim codes into the corresponding boxes and select "Submit".

For any digital publications purchased and accessible from your “My Subscription” page (except for the Public Library publications), follow these 2 steps for downloading the file to view offline:

  1. Select the "Save for offline use" icon in the top right corner.
  2. "Add to Favorites" or "Bookmark"

The document downloaded will now be accessible from your favorites or bookmarking listing when you have no internet connection. Click Here to access the Quick Guide.